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The Furbut Brothers

    Now that America is getting back to normal in Washington DC, SISL has some non-political news to share with his friends on the forum.

   Like many of our members, I too am an enthusiastic dog lover and owner.

   I already have a spoiled-rotten Shi Tzu, Felix.

   A few weeks ago, it was my pleasure to acquire a fine, purebred German Shepherd puppy.

   Fred and Felix are now known as the "Furbut Brothers" way out here in the country where all sorts of critters make their home.

    Fred, short for Frederick the Great, is proving to be a great animal in every way. He is working the living hell out of me as I train him the basics. Potty training is going OK, with lots of accidents and setbacks, and a mop in frequent use.

    At three months old, Fred is still very much a puppy and deserving of great patience from his owner. I'm sleeping in a chair next to his crate, and taking him outside 2-3 times a night. And giving him lots of real-meat treats. It's positive reinforcement of good behavior all the way.

    And I'm cleaning up piles of !@#$ which are far bigger than any Shi Tzu ever made.

When Government fears the people, there is Liberty.
When the people fear the Government, there is TYRANNY!
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