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GOP wants to get rid the cap

GOP To Challenge Campaign Money Laws
Republican Party To Sue FEC To Alter McCain-Feingold Act

POSTED: 8:15 pm EST November 12, 2008

WASHINGTON -- The national Republican Party wants to make it easier to raise and spend political money.

It's planning to sue the Federal Election Commission to alter a six-year-old law written by Sen. John McCain, the defeated Republican presidential candidate.

Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan said he wants the courts to eliminate restrictions on coordinated spending by national parties and federal candidates and to permit the national organizations to raise money for state parties.

Duncan plans to file suits Thursday in federal courts in Washington and in Louisiana. His goal, he said, is to "strengthen the Republican Party and bring a more level playing field to campaign finance."

The RNC's effort to permit fundraising for state parties and state candidates would reverse a key component of the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act. Under that law, the national parties can only raise money under federal fundraising restrictions.
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the cap is a good thing...

RIP Imperium: Galactic War
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