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We cold be looking at a perfect storm...

The signs are all there in the economy:

-Volatile stock market

-Housing starts slowing down

-Bubble housing markets all over the country

-Unprecedented wealth inequality

-Unprecedented deficits thanks to Trump tax cuts for the wealthy

-The dollar plummeting

And our government borders on complete instability and a constitutional crisis:

-A White house that's a constant chaotic mess
-FBI continues to indict Trump officials (many of which who have already plead guilty)

-Our President is staring down the barrel of a criminal indictment, impeachment & or prison

More and more we're looking no better off than any of his many companies that he left bankrupt, with so many hard working people out in in the cold as a result.

And all you mother-!@#$ who voted for the guy will be to blame, every single one of you.
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