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Board rules, and how to report violations

I decided one sticky thread is enough. I will also close this thread, any discussion of rules should be sent to the email address I will list below.

So rule the first:

No porn. Period. No cartoon porn, no real porn, no tenticle porn, no potato porn, no bestiality, no porn of any kind.

Punishment at my discrection.

I also reserve the right to remove/edit/censor anyone or anything I feel is detrimental to the well being of this board. I believe in free speech, but I also will state that this is a private board, and as such "free speech" doesn't have any actual legal meaning.

Finally, there will be no other violations of Runboard TOS allowed, and violations will be handled the same as if it were porn. The TOS can be read here:


Section 4 is most relevant to you as a user, but the entire document is worth a quick read.

Please feel free to direct violations of these rules to my attention, as well as any comments, questions, and concerns. The address for this is tellcase@[sign in to see URL]

Thanks and enjoy the board!

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